Recruitment Strategy

  1. You have already designed creative pieces to go to your potential students. We take those pieces and map relevant data collected through your CRM so the piece is personalized and tailored to the individual student.

  2. Your transferred data only includes information that is relevant to the marketing piece that is sent. Our team of IT professionals protect your data and never collects sensitive information.

  3. In our partnership, together we will create a road map that gets your potential student on a path that starts with an interest in your university, and ends with application, enrollment and financial aid award packages.

  4. Your potential student starts as an entry level prospect and moves through the process either by triggers or timed intervals. Each system can be tailored to utilize several touch points including print, email, and even a personalized website customized for the student. All the while, each of these contact methods will harness your unique branding to harness the look and feel of your institution.

  5. Each time you are in contact with the student, you have the opportunity to record and stage or level change in the CRM. Each change triggers a new event for the student to receive recruitment material, in the form of direct mail, email, or phone calls.

  6. Upon a data handshake each evening, we mail, or email, or text message the student with a personalized message (the beauty is that it’s directed and the road map is created by you). A typical program can have up to 50 touch points (or points of contact).

  7. As the student takes the tour of your facility and accepts the invitation to be a student, we can create your acceptance package, your financial aid package and send to the individual.

The uRecruit system doesn’t let a student fall through the cracks. It keeps a consistent, personalized message in front of them and keeps your potential student engaged and on track.

The old method of recruiting, a static message sent to every prospect, doesn’t capture the attention of today’s generation of students. They need a message tailored directly to them that spurs engagement with the university immediately.

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