How uRecruit Works

- We help you build an automated communication flow that utilizes conditional filters and personalized information to communicate in real time with your prospective students based on their status within the enrollment process.

- Information is exported daily via your CRM or SIS to provide updates regarding current enrollment standing ensuring accurate, timely messaging.

- Once received, the uRecruit platform goes to work for you. We produce on demand high quality communication pieces utilizing variable data attributes ensuring personalized messaging specific to individual prospects.

- Those personalized messages are distributed the very next day providing real time, applicable communication to your prospect based upon their current status within the enrollment process. That’s right…within 24 hours!

Too good to be true? We have a proven track record of supporting other universities who face budgetary and technological challenges to build an effective communication stream to market their university.

uRecruit is the answer for enrollment departments that strive to find a way to compete in today’s challenging environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s as simple as creating an automated data export from your CRM/Database and sending over a .csv or other compatible data format via sFTP.

Once we identify the necessary fields to create a successful program, those fields are mapped and included in a daily data export. Once the data is sent our way, we take care of the rest.

We do not want personal education records or private student information such as SSN, health records, background info, etc. All that is required for your program to work is basic directory information such as name and address, current status in your lead/crm program. To get the most of your system it would help to have their program of interest as well. Scholarship information as well as student financial aid info is also encouraged so an award letter and admissions packet can be tailored to the individual student.

Your data is placed into a SQL database and housed in a server at a secure data center. Only our programmers have access to the data and that data is never manipulated, only added to or used to query.

No worries, we have you covered. We have web-based data collection tools to help you keep track of your prospect list and their activity.

Absolutely. It’s very common to receive a large mailing list at the beginning of a campaign year. We would be happy to help you map and merge the data into your current prospect database.

We prefer incremental data which is flagged only if a change was made to a record. We can assist you in creating an automated data export and transfer.

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